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Arkansas Home Prices going up?!


Yes, they are.  Over the past year, Arkansas home prices have RISEN by .3%.  Ok, that isn’t a lot, but we are one of only 9 states that saw a positive swing in home prices since last year  BUT….here is what you can do to sell your home faster:

1. Don’t raise the price. The uptick in home prices doesn’t mean that you should get all excited and raise the price.  There are still many homes available for the buyer to choose from.  We want them to choose yours.

2. Remain flexible. Selling quickly means making some concessions—and we’re not talking price. It’s those little extras that may inspire a buyer to sign on the dotted line. Obviously, no one has the right to get your vintage grand piano in the deal. But if a buyer wants your stainless-steel fridge with ice-maker, give it up. There’s more ice waiting in your new home.

3. De-clutter. For a quick sale, you may not have time to fully “stage” your home down to the accent pillows and entirely new living room furniture. But you do have time to clear out the clutter. If we saw a home we’d like, we’d look past the clutter, but most buyers won’t. So, before you worry about making your home pretty, focus on making it neat. In a better market, neat is often all you need.

4. Go big and go local. List with a local agent in MLS (multiple-listing service), it’s a good idea, especially if you want to sell fast. The math is simple—more eyes on your listing equals more potential bites. But a lot of people who use the MLS forget that having a full marketing strategy is just as important as the MSL to attract buyers these days.  90% of buyers are on the internet looking for homes.  I should take this time to mention EXIT’s complete “Digital Marketing Strategy.  Everyone deserves this level of marketing on their home. 


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