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Easter time projects for your home


Easter time projects for your home

Easter is almost upon us and while thoughts turn to church, pretty dresses and of course chocolate, for many Easter also represents spring, and a time to get out the tools and do some jobs around the house. So here are some ideas for you to consider when planning your DIY Easter.


Perhaps there are some plumbing washers leaking, and a couple of cracked tiles that need replacing.  Maybe the time is right to make sure your home is draft proof.  The best way to find the source of a draft is to hold a candle or lighted match to the suspected area – if it flickers there’s a draft. Can use a light source to also see cracks.  Fix it now and you’ll save some money on your air conditioning this summer, and thank yourself on those cold winter mornings.


Easter may be your last chance to spend a decent amount of time outside. So get out there and get to work.  Now is the time to get rid of those weeds, or add fresh mulch. Cleaning and maintaining your gutters is a must at this time of year or all those autumn leaves are going to create havoc over the winter months.


A couple of other ideas:

  • grab the plaster and fix those holes in the wall
  • get the paint out and give the outside a touch up or a good power washing
  • tap into your artistic side and refresh that old outdoor table with a colorful mosaic top

The list of possibilities goes on and on. Take your pick, grab your tools and get to work.

If you have other favorite ‘do it yourself’ jobs, please comment.


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