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Frugal Tips for Making a Home More Appealing


Homeowners who want to sell but don’t have a lot of cash to spruce up their properties might consider these tips from (and comments from me) for upgrading a property without spending a fortune.

Polish up the kitchen. Add new cabinet door handles, replace lighting and update the faucet set. Unless the cabinets are mica, give them a fresh coat of paint. Order new doors for kitchen appliances.  Scott Deaton: All of these are very inexpensive and the kitchen is one area of major focus for all buyers.

Tidy up the bath. Replace the toilet seat. Clean up the floor with vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl applied over the old floor. Re-grout the tub and, if the tub is dingy, add a new prefabricated tub and shower surround.  Scott Deaton:  Inexpensive to also upgrade to new faucets.

Paint the walls.  Scott Deaton: Wow, paint is cheap and you can do it yourself.  Fresh paint makes a huge difference!

Add closet systems to all the bedrooms, pantry, and entry closets.  Scott Deaton: Most current homes around our area have closet systems, but good idea to repaint them and spruce them up.

Hire a plumber and an electrician to fix anything that is loose or that leaks.  Scott Deaton:  Amen!  Buyers ‘freak’ out over minor plumbing and electrical issues, but the fixes are usually minor and very inexpensive.  Take care of them before the buyer sees them.  It will cost less to fix them than what value the buyer puts on it to fix it.  i.e. faucet leaks:  Homeowner spends $.25 to replace o-ring.  Buyer thinks all plumbing is out of date and needs $1000 overhaul.

Clean the carpets or, if they are worn, cover them with area rugs.

Replace ceiling lights with inexpensive but attractive fixtures.

Refinish or repaint the front door and replace the hardware.

Mow the lawn, edge the sidewalks, mulch all the beds and put two big planters at either side of the front door.  Scott Deaton:  the exterior view creates the first impression for the buyers.  If they don’t like what they see outside, it is doubtful they will like (as much) what they see inside.



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