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Can you buy a home?


With the recent news that interest rates have dropped AGAIN, and that the housing affordability is high, this means that now is the PERFECT, and financially best, time to purchase a home.  While teaching a real estate class yesterday, most of the students participating didn’t think they could buy a home.  Yet when I asked them why, they just ‘assumed’ they couldn’t. 

Remember the ‘assume’ situation from Bad News Bears?  When you assume something, you make an a$$ out of U and ME.  Well when it comes to purchasing a home, assuming may not make an a$$ out of us, but it could have an extremely negative impact financially.  Most people ‘assume’ they can’t qualify for a loan…based upon income or lack of, based upon ‘assumed’ credit, or based upon the fact that they just bought a ‘sweet’ car.  Yes, all of these could affect your ability to get a loan and purchase a home, but  YOU DON’T KNOW UNLESS YOU TRY! 

You don’t know if you can not purchase a home until you check with a REALTOR (insert Scott Deaton here), and talk with a lender.  Period!  These two individuals will be able to not only determine if you can buy a home, but also determine how much of a home you can buy, and then go find the home.  Awesome!    

Did you know that it is cheaper to own a home now than to rent?  Yes it is.  Call me and lets see if you can buy a home while it is the best time to buy one.


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