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Tips for home buyers with children


Tips for home buyers with children

1.       Limit the number of homes the kids see.  They just don’t stay interested enough like you do.  You will focus better when kids are not along, but if you do take them to see property, don’t drag them along to see a dozen homes.  They will lose interest after just 3-4 homes.

2.       Take note of the ‘kid-friendly’ restaurants around the homes you are looking at.  Favorites include burgers and pizza.  Shocker!?

3.       Note the neighborhood features that might draw the kid’s interest.  Toy stores, shopping malls, movie theatres, playgrounds, swimming pools, etc.

4.       Know the neighborhood schools, local sports teams, and programs. 

5.       Watch for overactive fingers while viewing homes.

6.       Bring your child’s car seat, when driving around in the agent’s car.

7.       Stock your car with healthy snacks.  Avoid ‘sticky’ items such as lollipops and chocolate.  Bring books or hand held video games to keep the kids entertained.

8.       Be mindful of potential hazards while viewing a home…sharp corners, decorative glass candies, homeowner medicines sitting out, steep staircases, and swimming pools.

9.       Be careful around pets at the home.  They may not like kids as much as the kid likes them. 


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