Can God Sell My House #2

Back in 2012, I wrote a blog about “Can God Sell My House”.  See the full article here.  As a Christian and a REALTOR, this topic is something I think about everyday.


I have some additional comments.

When we say that God can sell my house but only on “our terms”…such as the price you want, the poor condition you leave it in, then we aren’t really saying, we aren’t really believing in God’s power, that God can sell my house.  See the contradiction?  We say God will sell my house regardless of the surrounding circumstances, but it has to be on our terms, with our personal conditions.  When we throw our personal terms into God’s plan, then we aren’t truly believing that God’s terms are appropriate. Any time we demand our terms, we are destined for failure. Seldom do our terms coincide in perfect alignment with God’s will and plans.

God’s will has never asked man what terms he wanted. Instead God gives direction, even gives resources, according to His will, and if man would only follow God’s will and direction, then we will be blessed according to God’s desire…not ours. When we insert our terms, our conditions, then we have actually taken God out of the equation entirely!  It is no longer God’s plan…it is ours!

Everyday we receive little ‘hints’ about actions we should take, paths we should pursue, comments we should make.  As Christians, we believe the Holy Spirit directs us with these small thoughts.  When life happens, and God directs our hearts, the worst thing we can do is put ‘our terms’ into play.  Allow God to show his power, his blessing on you and your family. Don’t put your terms above God’s. Don’t put you above God.

If you have received an opportunity from God that your family is to relocate..whether more kids or less kids, a better job or a loss of job, poor health or increased wealth, maybe even a call to ministry…don’t selfishly put your personal wants above God’s will.

As my pastor, Dr. Jonathan Curtis, put it: “When we are the point, we must perform. When God is the point…He will perform!”